Sabrina recently (five days ago) defended her dissertation to her committee. She gave a very excellent talk on her work over the last few years to a full room. (Once she has some time, I’ll try to convince her to write a brief explanation for here.) Now that she’s done with her graduate work, Sabrina is off to start a post-doctoral position at CalTech in Pasadena, CA where she’ll be working with data from the Spitzer and Herschel space telescopes.

Now, Sabrina has two lovely bulldogs that need to move across the country with her. Rather than leaving her to handle the drive with two dogs by herself, Ann and I are along for the ride (actually, a lot of the driving). We’ve been referring to this trip as the 5BAA Tour: The Five B’s Across America Tour. The five B’s are:

Brie (Sabrina)
Banana (Ann)
Betsey (That’s me!)
Bella (The beautiful bulldog.)
Bad Dog (Chewie, the other bulldog.)

We’ve done two long days of driving to make it part way into Kansas and have three days of shorter drives ahead of us. The internet access is spotty, but I’ll try to include a picture or two at some point.