About 90 astronomers from all over the world participated in a meeting of the Pathfinder Square Kilometre Array HI Survey Coordinating Committee PHISCC at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy ASTRON in Holland. There were a lot of members of the ALFALFA team members with Cornell roots but who are now working around the world. It was a nice reunion and a great meeting!

Cornell ALFALFA team at the meeting

ALFALFA Cornellians team at the meeting

From left to right: Barbara Catinella (Cornell PhD; now at Swinburne U., Australia), Martha Haynes (Cornell faculty), Betsey Adams (Cornell Ph.D.; now at ASTRON, NL), Luke Leisman (Cornell grad student), Manolis Papastergis (Cornell Ph.D.; now at Kapteyn Inst./U. Groningen, NL), Karen Masters (Cornell Ph.D.; now at U. Portsmouth, UK), Kristine Spekkens (Cornell, PhD; now at RMCC/Queen's, Canada), Kelley Hess (Cornell B.A.; now at U. Cape Town, South Africa)